Stig is working on easel paintings in his studio and various small site projects.  In his role as a contemporary artist he is preparing a display for the Para-Olympic site in Weymouth in August.  It is an interactive display that explores historical attempts to classify colour.

Sasa worked for five weeks at the Wallace Collection treating various sculptures including a  painted limestone frame by Torrigiani (a Renaissance sculptor working in England and famed for breaking Michelangelo’s nose).  She will be working on exhibition installations at the Tate in June.

Greg is waiting to go back and finish work on the wall paintings of Miss Lassie on Grand Cayman.  (Can’t wait!)   Her house, part of the Mind’s Eye site, is on the World Monuments Fund Watch List for 2012.   In the meantime he is treating an Omega Workshop painted chair and helping Sasa with treatment of a group of sculptures by Frank Dobson.