Ongoing from March 2011

For the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) we are working on the paintings of Gladwyn K. Bush, known as Miss Lassie, a Caymanian visionary intuitive artist.  The works are located at the Mind’s Eye site that is the former home of the artist.  The site is on the World Monuments Fund Watchlist for 2012.

In 2011-2012 during four sessions on site (20 weeks) we treated wall paintings in the house and all the decorated shutters and doors.  The shutters and doors had been removed from the house and are to be displayed in the adjacent visitors’ centre.  Presently we are initiating a project for environmental monitoring on the site.  We are one of the advisors for the conservation of the 1890’s wattle and daub building.

We did condition reports of the CNCF’s collection of Miss Lassie’s easel paintings.